Benoit Roger
Ph. D., CEO

Benoit is a plant enthusiast working between research, analysis and production/transformation of essential oil and plant extracts formore than fifteen years. He got his Ph. D. in natural products chemistry in France between the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, historically close to the Grasses industry, and a renown company in the south of France. His knowledge of plant chemistry, essential oils, processes and production equipments as well as his experience and ingenuity are valuable assets for the development of products and services offered by Alchemia.

Alexis St-Gelais
Chemist, M. Sc. Renewable resources, B. Sc. Natural products chemistry.

Alexis is scientific advisor at Alchemia solutions but he is also and above all scientific director at Laboratoire PhytoChemia. His passion for phytochemistry, his rigor and his experience in essential oils analyses and plant chemistry are precious for the research projects conducted between PhytoChemia and Alchemia.

Hubert Marceau
Chemist, B. Sc. Natural products chemistry.

Hubert is development director at Alchemia solutions and has similar functions at Laboratoire PhytoChemia. His network, his communication abilities, his general knowledge in the field of natural products as well as his creative and innovative sides are precious for both companies.

Laurie Caron
Chemist, M. Sc. Renewable resources, B. Sc. Natural products chemistry.

Laurie is financial director of Alchemia and Laboratoire PhytoChemia and both companies could not do without her availability, her rigor and her energy. She is always here to find the best managment solutions allowing us to focus on our firsts missions.